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Welcome to Miss Morris’ Reception Class

Please see documents below which provide a wealth of information about the Early Years Foundation Stage and what your child will be learning in the Reception Class.

Early Years Foundation Stage Overviews – Termly Overviews

Overviews – Summer 2018

Reception Summer 2 2018

Reception Summer 1 2018

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Overviews – Autumn 2017

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Reception Summer 1 2017

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Overviews – Summer 2016

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Reception Summer 1 2016

Overviews – Spring 2016

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Overviews – Autumn 2015

Reception Autumn 2

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Overviews – Summer First Half Term 2015

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Reception Catholic Life Summer Term

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Overviews – Spring Second Half Term 2015

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Reception Catholic Life Spring 2

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Overviews – Autumn Second Half Term 2014

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Overviews – Autumn First Half Term 2014

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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

01 EYFS Framework 2014

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Early Years Foundation Stage Induction

If you are successful in securing a Reception place for your child, shortly after you receive the offer letter you will be invited to attend three Induction Sessions on 16 June, 23 June and 30 June 2016. These sessions take place from 2pm to 3pm and parents are invited to bring their child into the Hall and then accompany them to the Reception Class until they settle and then return to the Hall to meet the Head Teacher until 3pm. All the important information you will need will be given out at these sessions.

During the first session you will be advised of the induction arrangements for the children’s first few weeks in school. These first few weeks are an important stage in the transition from Nursery to Primary School and initially the children will attend for half days only.