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Religious Education

At St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, Religious Education is a core subject which is embedded throughout our ‘Touch the Future’ curriculum in all subject areas. Detailed information on the RE curriculum can be found within the RE section of the ‘Touch the Future’ curriculum page here.

Mission Statement


St. Oswald’s is a Catholic school fully committed to offering excellence in education.

Our aim is…

that all children should leave St. Oswald’s with a love of learning, a thirst for knowledge, an understanding and appreciation of their faith and religion, and the world they live in and, above all, many happy memories.

We will achieve this by…

  • encouraging children to grow within the Catholic faith
  • promoting the highest possible achievement for our pupils, enabling them to reach their full potential, and live life to the full
  • establishing the foundations for lifelong learning
  • welcoming input from parents to complement the skills and experience of our professional teaching staff
  • ensuring that our school is central to the parish, reaching out to embrace the wider community
  • uniting all staff, governors, and parents in our aim to be a leading school in the borough of Warrington.
St Oswald’s Mission Day – 17 April 2023

“Together at St Oswald’s we love, learn, respect 
and appreciate”

Jesus is at the heart of everything we do

We always try to be the best we can be

Respect and Appreciate
We respect and appreciate ourselves, each other, our school and the world around us.

Day-to-day life at St Oswald’s has the Gospel values embedded in all that we do both in our work and in our play. As a school, we believe it is important to teach from a young age the importance of Christian values such as respect, honesty, love, patience, and tolerance.

St Oswald's Catholic Primary School Rules
St Oswald's Catholic Primary School Mass

The school regularly shares whole school Masses with our Parish Community where children are given the opportunity to lead the singing, readings, prayers, and offertory.  We are fortunate that the close proximity of the church to the school enhances our link with the church and with Father Dave who is a regular visitor to the school.

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The children regularly enjoy raising money for charities such as the Good Shepherd Appeal, the Poppy Appeal, and other worthy causes. Fundraising activities raise the children’s awareness of their wider world and encourage their appreciation of others’ circumstances.

School RE Newsletters
Wednesday Word
Wednesday Word

Religious Inspection

The schools’ most recent Religious Inspection carried out by the Archdiocese of Liverpool took place in January 2024. A copy of the Inspection Report and the Chair of Governors’ letter to parents can be found below: