Collective Worship and Assemblies

St Oswald's Catholic Primary School Mass


Collective Worship is an important part of school life and takes place every day.

Each school week begins with a whole school collective worship on a Monday. This brings the children from Reception through to Year 6 together to reflect on the Gospel message from Sunday Mass and how this can be taken into our week ahead. Each Key Stage holds a weekly collective worship and class collective worship takes place three times per week. Each Thursday parents, families, friends, and the local community are invited to a ‘Celebration Assembly’ which sees children from each class presented with a ‘Star of the Week’ award for special achievement in their work, conduct, actions, or friendship. This assembly gives all children the chance to shine and for the school community to hear about the things they have been doing. At the end of the assembly, everyone joins together with shared prayer time in thanksgiving.

Throughout the academic year, each class has the opportunity to plan and perform their own class ‘Rejoice’ Assembly. These assemblies are themed and link to the topic currently being explored in RE.

Rejoice Assemblies 2023/24

Assemblies bring together the children, staff, parents, and the local community in the celebration and sharing of the Good News.

St Oswalds

Class Collective Worship

Class Collective Worship is planned and carried out by the children in individual classes with support from class teachers (this varies between Key Stages).

Prayer Buddy Collective Worship

Across the school, older and younger children are linked up together as prayer buddies. They regularly share Mass time and collective worship time together with the older children supporting the younger ones. The children really enjoy this reflective time together and look forward to it.

Y6 are linked with Reception
Y5 are linked with Y1
Y3 are linked with Y2
Y4 as sacramental preparation year join with different year groups.

Prayer Buddy Collective Worship Rota 2023/24