Religious Education

At St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, Religious Education is a core subject which is embedded throughout our ‘Touch the Future’ curriculum in all subject areas. Our RE curriculum for Years 1 to 6 is the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work, recommended by Liverpool Archdiocese. After the publication of the RED (Religious Education Directory) ‘To know you more clearly’, we have opted to begin the new RE curriculum in EYFS. 

There are three themes that are explored through the Come and See programme. These are:
-Christian living. 

‘Come and See’ Y1-Y6
Each theme is taught once in the Autumn term, once in the Spring term and once in the Summer term. The understanding of each theme is gradually built during the three terms. In Year 1 to Year 6 there are nine topics to be covered during the academic year. This is organised into three topics per term following the above themes.

RE in the early years is structured around activities and experiences for children set out under each of the areas of learning and activities are also planned to involve the ‘Effective teaching and learning for Religious Education’ involving playing, exploring, active learning, creating, thinking critically, and wonder and awe. The process for delivering RE in the early years has six branches which can be seen below. Branches 1-5 last for up to 6 weeks with Branch 6 being taught and woven into the teaching throughout the year. 

Other Faiths
During each academic year we plan faith weeks where the children will learn about other faiths, traditions, cultures and beliefs through class based lessons, assemblies, visits, guest speakers and our work with the wider community.

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Assessment takes place informally during RE lessons and also formally at the end of each topic. Information gathered from assessment is used to inform future planning and is recorded in our Insight assessment system. 

Termly RE Newsletters for Parents
The termly RE Newsletter explains what your child will be learning throughout the term and provides suggestions for discussions/activities to share with your child at home. This newsletter is sent home to all parents and is posted on the website. The latest is published below.

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