School Council

School Council

St Oswalds Catholic School Counsil

Each academic year the children in the Year 1 to Year 6 classes nominate representatives to serve on the School Council.  The School Council gives the children an opportunity to have a ‘voice’ in the school, and to take on additional responsibilities such as fundraising for the school and for charity.

School Council St Oswald's Catholic Primary School

Loading up the van with donated food items with Rob Booth from Warrington Food Bank.

Our School Councillors for 2023/24 are:

Year 1
Katie Fisher & Ferguson O’Neill

Year 2
Zimi Ogbechi & Peter Sherwen

Year 3
Raphael Chung & Avaya Wooding

Year 4
Raphe Ng & Aimee Wong

Year 5
Sana Naveen Karthick & Joseph Giblin

Year 6
Lydia Cartwright, Joseph Boardman, Martha Caswell, Ted Buchanan, Bobby Redmond, Colette Chung, Yumi Lennon & Nia Kerrisk-Gaughran