School Day

The start of the day and arrival

Our school gets off to a sharp start in the morning when all the class Teachers meet the children at the school entrances at 8.45am, personally welcome the children and lead or guide them into the classroom. We ask all children to be ready to enter at 8.45am and by 8.55am we expect all children to be in, settled, registered and ready to learn. There are five different entry/exit points which are safely all away from the road and within the church, parish centre and school site. A member of staff is posted at all entry points to take any messages and for the safety of all children. All entry points are closed and locked by 8.50am.


Every class follows their own personal timetable ensuring that appropriate time is given to all core and foundation subjects. Timetables can be found on the class pages.

Religious Education takes place throughout the week and we follow the directive for catholic schools of 21/hours of religious education in Key Stage 2 and 21/4 hours in Key stage 1 per week.

Collective Worship takes place every day for all classes and assemblies take place throughout the week.

Monday – Whole School Assembly

Wednesday – Key Stage Assemblies

Thursday – Celebration Assembly/Stars of the Week

Breaks and Lunchtime

All children have a morning break from their learning and a midday lunch break. At lunchtime, children are supervised by Midday Assistants who look after the children when playing outside and also in the dining room when having their lunch. In the afternoons, Key Stage 1 have a break, Key Stage 2 children work through the afternoon with a short ‘brain break’/comfort break if necessary.

End of the day

Reception and Year 1 children start to be dismissed to parents/carers at their designated exit point at 3.15pm. Parents/carers queue for collection of their children and Teachers personally hand over the children when parents/carers reach the front of the queue. This personal hand over ensures that safeguarding of all children remains a priority at the end of the day.

Year 2 to Year 6 children start to be dismissed at 3.25pm. Teachers lead their classes to the designated exit points and dismiss to parents/carers as they reach the front of the queue. Gates close at 3.30pm