Stars of The Week

This week the following children have been celebrated for their achievements.
Well done to all our stars!

24 May 2024

Penelope Warburton

Year 1
Frania Ropiak

Year 2
Teddy Mahoney

Year 3
Noah Wilcock

Year 4
Louise Bate

Year 6
Martha Caswell

Lyarnah Figueira (Y3)

Logan Figueira (Y5)

Our Positive Learning Behaviours

Star of the Week is awarded to children for curriculum success and for demonstrating our ‘positive learning behaviours’ in their work, attitude and behaviour in school:

Showing resilience
Not giving up when something is hard, being able to bounce back after facing difficulties

Being motivated
Wanting to achieve a goal set by someone else or set by yourself, accepting and enjoying a challenge, enjoying praise and encouragement.

Showing independence
Trying to achieve things by yourself, building on previous learning to achieve.

Problem solving
Planning how to solve a problem, choosing a strategy and reviewing how well it is going.

Giving attention to the task and maintaining it; not being easily distracted.

Having a ‘have a go’ attitude and the ability to develop own ideas and not being afraid to alter them.

Effective Communication
Expressing yourself to others to articulate your thoughts.